About the project

The tool is maintained/developed by Axess Lab and Temkeen, with expert help from The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired (SRF). The project has received funding from the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova. See the initial video pitch of the project (YouTube).

Purpose and goal

The purpose of this project is to enable all children to learn how to use the keyboard for the computer. The programs that exist today are primarily visual, and therefore inaccessible to children and adults with visual impairments. At the same time, many people with visual impairments depend on their keyboards to be able to control assistive technologies such as screen readers.

This makes it extra important for children with visual impairments to learn the keyboard effectively at an early age. The service is designed according to Design for All and will therefore also work for all children in school, with or without disabilities.

Expected results

An expected effect of the project is that more children with visual impairments will learn to manage the keyboard with the correct finger placement and shortcuts. This allows users to write quickly and efficiently on the computer.

Studies have shown that people with dyslexia who have completed keyboard training have better reading comprehension and greater vocabulary, so another outcome is also that children and adults who use our service have better reading comprehension and greater vocabulary.

The typing team

The typing team