Typing in the dark

A online free and accessible keyboard typing game for beginners

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A keyboard practice game

Typing in the dark is a keyboard practicing game aimed to help people learn to type without needing to see the keyboard or the screen. The target group is children aged 7-14 with a visual impairment, it is primarily based on audio feedback and multiple different challenges to get started.

The demo game is an early version and a prototype in a concept phase and not a finished product because we want to get feedback from the users and the community to help contributing to the product. We have all the information at the site and on GitHub in English so that people all over the world can take part of the information and contribute to the project. But, the game is available in Swedish and English.

Concept - Gamification and steps to learn

The key insight is that it is boring to learn how to type on a keyboard and a resistance to integrating with it because of just pressing buttons. Learning while having fun is the key to progressing and learning the keyboard fast and become more independent in the digital world. That’s why our concept is a ninja game built on the insights of the user research and market analysis. We have focused on beginners because that’s were the biggest challenges is today.

Steps of learning

  1. Interaction phase

    Encourages the user interact with the keyboard without right or wrong

  2. Placement of the fingers

    Learning where the keys are is the most important step to become independent on the keyboard

  3. Words and sentences

    Starting to write words and sentences motivates the user to be able to use the keyboard in daily life

  4. Speed

    Being able to type fast will make it easier to be efficient on the keyboard and a fun gamification as a motivation

Video of the prototype and concept

Open source & contributions

This project is open source, this means that all of our code is free to copy and contributing to the project. We would like to get as many contributions as possible to the project. So if you are a developer look at our GitHub page were you’ll find more information.

If you just have ideas, comments, questions, feedback or other contributions on the prototype please share these with us. They don’t have to be technical they can be of any kind. Email us at typing@axesslab.com and mark the email with typing in the dark.

Thank you <3 /The typing in the dark team